Our mission is that Wyoming’s children are valued, healthy, and thriving through early identification of developmental, behavioral, and emotional delays; educating families and providers with high-quality parenting and child development information; linking families to optimal services and existing resources through advocacy and follow-up; and collaboration between child health, early care and education, and family support providers in order to better identify and address the needs of Wyoming children and ensure early childhood system efficiency.



Help Me Grow Wyoming and Wyoming 2-1-1 serve as a statewide, centralized access point as part of a coordinated referral system. Together, Help Me Grow Wyoming and Wyoming 2-1-1 envision a strong, comprehensive early childhood system where Wyoming’s children are connected to needed services and supports as early and efficiently as possible, growing and thriving to their full potential.

Core Values

Helping Children ➔ Early identification of vulnerable children at-risk for adverse developmental, behavioral, and/or emotional delays and ensuring these children and their caregivers, parents and/or guardians receive maximum services available.

Empowering Families ➔ Providing caregivers, parents and/or guardians education and guidance with regards to child development, behavior issues, and health concerns while empowering families to be self-sufficient and live to their full potential.


Linkage to Services ➔ Linking families to services through an easy, free program based on knowledge of resources, eligibility requirements, and persistence in overcoming barriers, as well as advocacy and follow-up to ensure families are successfully connected to those resources.

Partnerships ➔ Ongoing creation and facilitation of partnerships at the state and local level to improve the availability and quality of services within the state to ensure that Wyoming’s children from zero to eight are valued, healthy, and thriving.

Wyoming-Wide ➔ A statewide, comprehensive system of resources that increases availability and family use of high quality parenting and child development information, services, and supports across Wyoming.

Yielding Results ➔ A robust data system that can provide ongoing developmental monitoring, determine gaps and barriers to services, inform legislators of places where the needs of Wyoming children are not being met, and a tool that can be utilized for continuous quality improvement so that all Wyoming’s children develop as optimally as possible.

Outreach to Community & Providers ➔ Continuous outreach to community agencies to provide networking opportunities among families and service providers, and education to child health providers to support early detection and intervention.