How can You help your child's development?


As a caregiver, parent and/or guardian, you know about your child's growth and development. You are your child's first observer and first teacher. No one knows your child better than you!

Participation in the monitoring of your child's development allows you to have a strong voice. It also helps boost what you know about important childhood milestones.

Help Me Grow Wyoming Developmental Milestones


Two Months

  • Begins to smile at people

  • Attempts to look at a parent

  • Begins to coo

  • Turns head towards sound

  • Focuses on Faces


Four Months

  • Smiles instinctively

  • Enjoys playing with people

  • Begins to babble

  • Lets you know when tired

  • Begins to roll over from back


Six Months

  • Knows familiar faces

  • Likes looking at self in mirror

  • Makes sounds

  • Brings things to mouth

  • Begins to sit with no support


Nine Months

  • May be afraid of strangers

  • Understands "no"

  • Says "mamamama"

  • Cries when caretaker leaves

  • Can get into sitting position

How your child plays, learns, talks, and acts offers important signs about your child’s development. Developmental milestones are things most children can do by a certain age. 

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