Help Me Grow National


Founded by Dr. Paul Dworkin, Help Me Grow National began in Hartford Connecticut. Dr. Dworkin serves as the Vice President for Community Child Health at Connecticut Children's Medical Center and professor of pediatrics at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine (UCONN). For the past 15 years, he has served as physician-in-chief at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center and chair of Pediatrics at UCONN.

Dr. Dworkin believes in a statewide early childhood system that focuses on the following:
• Developmental Promotion
• Early Detection
• Developmental Education
• Early Intervention
• On-going Family Support
• Linkage to Resources

Help Me Grow has expanded to 28 states.
Help Me Grow Wyoming is an affiliate of Help Me Grow National.

Our Mission

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At Help Me Grow Wyoming, we build a system to fully support children and their families. We do this by implementing four Core Components that work together to:

  1. Leverage existing resources to help communities identify vulnerable children

  2. Link families to community-based services and

  3. Empower families to support their children’s healthy development.

Our Values


Family Empowerment

We believe in giving families the knowledge they need to make the best decisions for their child’s health and future.


We believe positive change comes from the partnership and collaboration of each county’s members.


We believe in listening to questions and concerns and responding with empathy and respect.


We believe in continuous improvement.

Meet our Team


Margarita Medrano

I joined Help Me Grow Wyoming in November 2018 as the Care Coordinator. I work with families, child care providers, and communities to provide child care referral services, child development information, and resources that support healthy growth and learning opportunities for children and families.
I am passionate about working with children and families to achieve their full potential. My big-hearted personality helps families gain access to community resources and support that can benefit them in becoming stronger and successful.
I have 5 years of hands-on experience with Early Childhood Development as a Lead Teacher in Early Learning Centers in Cheyenne, Wyoming and on F.E. Warren Air Force Base. I am enrolled in the Child Development Associate offered by the Pennsylvania State University and awarded by the Council for Professional Recognition.

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